Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Comic Characters

This is the female lead, 星宇(xing yu).

Age : 15
Height : 165cm
Weight : 47kg
Likes: weird stuff e.g aliens,
singing n dancing
Dislikes : rain

She has pale blue eyes and long yellow hair.
She smiles a lot and is usually happy.
Her dream is to become a famous singer.


She met 德犽(de ya) when she was 5.
A year later she was knocked out by the Moon Princess
月荫(yue yin).When she woke up, another year has already passed. She has lost her memory about 德犽(de ya).
Thereafter, 8 years passed before she finally met
德犽(de ya) again.

星宇's(xing yu) father passed away in a car accident on the day she was born.
Her mother also pass
ed away in a car accident when she was 6.
Since then, She was taken care of by her mother's friend, 圆(yuan), till she reached 15.

This is the male lead, 德犽(de ya).

Age : 17
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg
Likes: desserts; coffee; sleep, doggies
Dislikes : bitter stuff


The prince of Moon Residence.

On his birth, his mother 夏
梅 (xia mei) brought him to Professor 德棂's (de ling) house. 夏梅 killed Professor 德棂 (de ling) there and casted a spell to seal his soul into 德犽's (de ya)body.

When he was 7, he found 星宇(xing yu) seriously injured in Professor 德棂's (de ling) house. 星宇(xing yu) was showered with care and concern by the Professor 德棂 within 德犽 (de ya), thus she recovered quickly.

Since then, 星宇(xing yu) frequently visited the Moon Residence to look for 德棂 (de ling).
Soon after, the Moon Princess [月荫, (yue yin) the reincarnation of 夏梅 (xia mei)] discovered this.
She casted a horrendous magic spell and injured 星宇(xing yu).
德犽 (de ya), upon seeing this, took over control of his body and Professor 德棂's (de ling) soul was hence purged out by 德犽 (de ya).
德犽 (de ya), carrying the critically injured 星宇(xing yu), escaped to 星界 (xing jie) .

This is the (jin).

Age : 15
Height : 156cm
Weight : 43kg
Likes: girls and flowers
Dislikes : fire and cats


The childhood friend of 星宇(xing yu).
The daughter of 蝶之国 (die zhi guo) princ
ess and 鹰之国 (ying zhi guo) prince.

Due to her family background, she has the ability to transform into a male.

Her mother was burned to death in her own country and her father, in deep sorrow, fell into a coma.

The people in 蝶之国 (die zhi guo) are cursed by their ancestors. Once they fall in love with someone and make love with them, their eyes will start to ache and eventually become blind. Thereafter they will slowly lose memory of their beloved.
To break this curse, she have to kill their beloved and drip his blood into her eyes.

This is 旋凌 (xuan ling).

Age : 21
(real age is 1021 years old)
Height : 180cm
Weight : 62kg
Likes: female; children;
moon and blood
Dislikes : garlic and angels


The last descendant of the Vampire Family.

500 years ago, the Vampire Family was betrayed. Their good friend assisted the Angels and waged a war against them.
Young 旋凌 (xuan ling) happened to be out of the castle at this time.

When 旋凌 (xuan ling) returned to the castle, he saw a devastating sight. His family was annihilated. Although he knew that he is powerless to take revenge, he still sneaked into Heaven.
In Heaven, he met the Supreme Angel's daughter. A thought came over him. If an angel bore a demon's child, this is definitely a joke to the world. Therefore, he violated his daughter.

The Supreme Angel's daughter knew about the annihilation of the Vampire Family and therefore did not resist his actions. Sh
e knew it was the Angels who was indebted to the Vampire Family.

旋凌 (xuan ling) and the Supreme Angel's daughter came to fall in love with each other. Soon, the child of an angel and demon is born. The other angels came to know about this and therefore locked up the Supreme Angel's daughter. 旋凌 (xuan ling) then took with him his son and escaped from Heaven.

This is 蔚蓝 (wei lan).

Age : 12
Height : 154cm
Weight : 40kg
Likes: brother 流刃 (liu ren)
and (lei meng)
Dislikes : darkness


When she was 4, her mother sold her away as a slave. There, she worked for 6 years and was finally saved by (lei meng).

2 years later she found her brother, 流刃 (liu ren). 流刃 (liu ren) later handed her over to 星宇(xing yu).

蔚蓝 (wei lan) and 星宇(xing yu) met (lei meng) at 沙之国 (sha zhi guo). During this period of time, (lei meng) took good care of 蔚蓝 (wei lan), and taught her how to walk etc.
蔚蓝 (wei lan) grow to become more cheerful.

This is (lei meng).

Age : 13
(real age is 23 years old)
Height : 158cm
(actual height is 175cm)
Weight : 45kg
Likes: guns
Dislikes : nothing in particular


He is the prince of 沙之国 (sha zhi guo).

He fell in love with a mysterious woman and married her when he was 22 years old.
This woman is an adversary from Space. She was sent to seize the power of (lei meng).
(lei meng) has a special ability since young, that is, as he grows older year by year, his power increases.
Something happened during the process and the Space adversary only managed to seize away 15 years of (lei meng)'s power.
This loss of power made (lei meng) return to his appearance at 8.

Soon, 蔚蓝 (wei lan) and 星宇(xing yu) came to 沙之国 (sha zhi guo) to express their gratitude towards (lei meng). After they knew about 's (lei meng) loss of power, 蔚蓝 (wei lan decided to make a magic pact with (lei meng) to merge their powers. After the pact, (lei meng) returned to his appearance at 13.

蒙, (lei meng) aspiring to find his wife and retrieve his power, set off on an adventure with his friends.

My Drawings Collection

Year 1991, I am born in a family filled with comics. In fact, the first book that i have read may be a comic. My aunt loves to read comics. Therefore, she bought lots of comic books and placed them in our room. I started reading comics since I am young. I love to look at the characters in those comics. They look really nice to me! So I started drawing characters when I was about 3years old.
In the year 2010, I started thinking about sharing my drawings to other people. Therefore I created this blog to share with you my drawings. I hope you enjoy my art pages! ^_^